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Building Services Recycling Effort

Wait - don't throw out those old sneakers!  Instead donate them for recycling here at MCC.  Building Services, Campus Activities Board and the Monroe County Department of Environmental Services are working together to collect used sneakers and reuse them for recycling.
All during Spirit Week, Fall Festival and the Alumni Weekend there will be bins located on campus to collect old sneakers.  They will be in the hallway of building 10, second floor lounge of building 1, the North Atrium in building 4, and also in the Commons area of each dorm.  The only kind not accepted are light-up sneakers.  The collection of sneakers will go thru Friday, October 6th.
Don't miss the traveling Recycling Education Center, a brightly colored, full-sized tractor trailer at Fall Fest on Friday, October 6th.   It will have education information about recycling as well as games and give-a-ways.
Recycle - it's good for everyone.  Thank you.

Fred McCullough
Building Services