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Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!

This is a reminder that spring grades are due no later than Monday, May 28!

Question: Do you know the four most common errors made when entering grades?


  1. Not using Internet Explorer as your browser (Banner is quirky that way)
  2. Omitting the last date of attendance for grades of F (probably why they failed)
  3. Trying to enter a grade of W (tsk tsk)
  4. Forgetting to save your work (bet you've heard that one before)

Today's limerick:

On May 29th summer session begins and the spring missing grades report will be run.
Then SAP needs to be processed and graduates certified. So for our students' sake please just get the grading job done.
You don't want to hesitate.
You don't want to be late.
Because being on my missing grades list is not much fun.

Taine Vinci
Registration and Records