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Calling all MCC Employees! Input on Proposed Calendars Requested

The Faculty Senate has been charged with presenting Provost Wade with a compliant and pedagogically-sound academic calendar for 2018-2019.

As seen in the attachment, most Rochester- area SUNY schools currently begin fall classes prior to Labor Day, so the Academic Policies Committee of the Faculty Senate is exploring three possible calendars for the 2018-2019 academic year. Two of these options schedule fall semester classes before Labor Day and one proposes that classes continue to begin post- Labor Day.

A pre- Labor Day start is a change that will likely impact many departments and offices across the college, as well as students. Adopting one of the pre-Labor Day calendars would require collaboration between many areas of the college, including modification of the existing Faculty Association contract.

A post- Labor Day start to classes will impact the ability of faculty to offer final exams in 2-hour blocks. Some departments would not be able to offer the national exams that they currently are able to offer students, which are important indicators for students’ transfer programs.

With a post- Labor Day start to classes, students will take their last tests in each course during the last week of classes, likely spread over multiple days. While only 20% of faculty currently give final exams during Final Exam Week, many others give non-comprehensive exams during the last week of classes. With a post-Labor Day start, students would be tested in all of these courses during the same week, in addition to the completion of any presentations and papers they might be assigned.

To make an informed decision, Senators need as much information as possible to better understand the benefits and challenges of adopting each calendar. Please complete the survey found at <>  by 9/27/16 to provide input about how each calendar would impact your department or office. Please encourage your colleagues and students to participate as well! Copies of the three calendars are attached here and are also available on the survey website.

Thank you for your assistance in this important matter.

Amanda Colosimo
Faculty Senate Academic Policies Committee

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