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Katie Leite and Pam Fornieri Receive CAPE Award for Innovation In a Program Evaluation Project, 2013-2014

On Friday, April 17, faculty from across the College were honored for their successful completion of eleven separate academic assessment projects at MCC’s Sixth Annual Assessment Awards Reception. 

Some of the assessment projects were focused on the assessment of student learning in general education, while others centered on the evaluation of degree programs and certificates.  What all of these projects shared was a common base of success in moving MCC forward in promoting self-reflection in areas of student learning, program success, and faculty support of both students and programs. 

In addition to the recognition awards offered to each faculty assessment leader for the successful completion of their respective projects, awards of merit were also offered by faculty from the College Assessment and Program Evaluation (CAPE) Committee, and by the academic deans.  Interim Provost and Vice-President of Academic Services Jeff Bartkovich, and Interim Dean of Curriculum MaryJo Witz each gave brief welcoming comments to attendees of the reception.  Michael Heel, Assistant Director of Curriculum and Assessment, acted as host for the event.

Today, the College community can join in congratulating Katie Leite and Pam Fornieri for receiving the “CAPE Award for Innovation in a Program Evaluation Project, 2013-14.”  The comments shared at the awards reception outlining their success in evaluating the English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) are attached for everyone to review.

Michael Heel
Assessment & Curriculum

icon Assessment Award Innovation Award May 2015 ESOL (3).pdf