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April Crime Prevention Tip of the Month: Spring Break Safety Tips

April is Spring Break time at MCC. A time where you can put away the books, forget about the assignments, and give your computer keyboard a rest. Whether you’re basking in the sun, hitting the slopes, or dancing the night away, MCC Public Safety would like to provide you with a few crime prevention tips that will help keep you safe and secure while enjoying your Spring Break.

Before You Leave for Spring Break
-- Secure your dorm room or residence.
-- Unplug all appliances.
-- Make sure all your windows are closed and locked.
-- Leave a copy of your travel itinerary with family and friends back home. Don’t forget to include a list of hotel, airline, and telephone numbers.

Travel Tips
-- Retain possession of your baggage and personal belongings at all times.
-- Avoid carrying large amounts of cash; use travelers checks whenever possible and secure all credit and debit cards at all times.

If there are changes to your travel itinerary, notify family and friends back home as soon as possible.
If you are traveling by air and/or are leaving the United States, make sure all personal documents such as passports, drivers licenses, and travel visas have the correct data on them, are in good condition, and are current. In addition, know the rules and regulations for checked and carry-on baggage and what items can or can not be brought with you on your flight. A comprehensive list of airline regulations can be found at: ""

Travel Activities
-- Know the laws and regulations for alcohol consumption. Do not drive if you’ve been drinking. If one of your travel companions becomes intoxicated, NEVER leave them alone. Seek medical attention if the person “passes out” or is non-responsive to commands.
-- Never get involved with illegal drugs. Laws vary from state to state, and in some foreign counties the penalty for illegal drug use and possession is severe…in some cases including the death penalty.
-- Never leave your drink unattended or accept a drink from a stranger.
-- Do not allow yourself to become a victim of sexual assault. NEVER allow yourself to be taken to an isolated location, bring strangers back to your room, or share personal information.
-- Do not walk or travel alone. Use the “buddy system” whenever possible.
-- If you are the victim of an attack or rape, contact Law Enforcement immediately and seek medical attention.
-- When traveling or attending events, secure your wallet or purse on your person; hold purses close to your body with the flap closest to you and wallets in a front pants pocket.
-- Be aware of your surroundings and know where the emergency exits are and the location of the medical facilities within the event complex.
-- Steer clear of temporary structures and overly crowded locations. Again, refrain from going to the event alone. Use the “buddy system.”

Lodging Safety
-- Always lock your hotel room door and keep it locked at all times.
-- Do not leave your valuables in the hotel room. Store your valuables in the hotel safe.
-- Know where the emergency exits are in your hotel/motel. Practice exiting the hotel/motel using these exits in case you must have to use them in an actual emergency.
-- Do not allow strangers into your hotel room and NEVER lend out your room key to anyone.

Personal Safety Tips
-- Always travel with confidence; avoid looking lost and/or confused.
-- Travel in a group; there is safety in numbers.
-- Beware of suspicious persons and activities (The most commonly reported crimes against students on spring break are robberies and acquaintance rape).
-- If you’re outside the United States, NEVER drink local water no matter how clean and clear it looks. Stick to bottled water for drinking and brushing your teeth.

Remember, the most important safety and security tip to use on spring break is to use common sense and seek assistance from Law Enforcement and medical personnel when needed.

Spring Break Travel Advisory: Mexico
Due to increased levels of violence in the border regions of the United States and Mexico as well as within Mexico itself, the U.S. Government has issued a travel alert for travel to Mexico. MCC Public Safety would like to make you aware of this travel alert and strongly suggests that anyone planning to travel to Mexico should carefully read the travel alert and take into consideration the current conditions in Mexico before travel arrangements are made. The U.S. Government travel alert can be found at:

MCC Public Safety wishes you a safe and happy Spring Break.

A Crime Prevention message from your MCC Crime Prevention Team

Lee Struble
Public Safety