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Building upgrades to cause sporadic interruptions.

During August, several improvements to the academic buildings on the Brighton Campus will be completed. These improvements will cause some short term interruptions in certain services.

Before the actual interruptions occur, we will send more detailed information about the timing and the effects each will have. We hope that these interruptions will be minimal to your work. As a little forewarning, here are the projects and the areas we expect them to affect:

Replacement of the elevator door hardware in Building 8 – This project is designed to improve the reliability of this elevator and it is expected to reduce service calls and out-of-service time drastically. It will take about three days to replace all the mechanisms, controls, and guides. The elevator will be completely shut down during this period. It is anticipated this project will take place during the week of August 20th. Please plan on any moving, office set up, etc, before or after this date.

Replacement of the elevator door hardware in Building 5 – Since this elevator is a little twin of Building 8, the project is nearly identical. This project will start immediately following the Building 8 repair. With only one less floor, the project will take only slightly less time. Again, plan on any vertical activities to be disrupted from August 23rd to 31st, depending on the progress.

Replacement of emergency generator transfer switches – These switches are critical to the automatic switching of power during an outage. They primarily serve the emergency lights and some elevator lights. Sometimes they serve computer equipment, or heating equipment. The switches being replaced serve the emergency circuits in Building 1, 2,3, and 7. This shouldn’t have any negative affects on the general population. You may notice lights out that are normally on, or we may have to take an elevator out of service because its dark inside. This disruption will only affect each area for a day. There will be more information on this when each change is scheduled.

Replacement of variable speed drive controllers for air handlers in Building 7 - We will have to take each air handler out of service for a day as we change the old drives. This will affect the north one day, and the south of the building on another. Again, we’ll let you know the exact date this is scheduled. The plan is to pick a cool, non-sunny day on a Friday and Monday to cause the least discomfort. (You know what they say about the best laid plans…..).

Finally, there are also four other projects to replace obsolete heating and cooling control units in the library, the brick lounge/ mail room/ MCC Association area, and Building 7. These replacements will require shutting down the HVAC systems controlled by each one. Each shut down should take a day, and again in advance we  have chosen very comfortable days to do this work. As project plans proceed, we will inform the affected areas.

While these projects may seem inconvenient and even annoying, rest assured they are being done in a planned method now to avoid an unplanned and very inconvenient outage in the future. There is no good time to do these types of projects, since they affect wide areas and as we all know, this school never shuts down.

Thanks in advance your understanding. If there are any concerns we should be aware of, please email me at:


Blaine D. Grindle
Director of Engineering Services - Facilities Department
Direct 585-292-2804
Fax 585-424-5298


Blaine Grindle