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Accounting 101 Service-Learning Students Collaborate with BizKid$

  On Saturday, November 1, 2008 the City of  Rochester Bureau of Recreation’s Biz Kid$ program collaborated with Anne Ranczuch’s Accounting 101 service-learning students to host a business simulation game for city youth.

Biz Kid$, a youth entrepreneurship program for youth ages 10-18, invited back graduates of the week-long camp to participate in a Biz Kid$ & Beyond seminar called SimBiz. 22 youth attended SimBiz, a business simulation game that has teams of youth run mock businesses for an afternoon to see which team can make the most money. As part of the game, teams must visit a government official to apply for a DBA and Food Handlers permit, apply for a start loan at the Biz Kid$ Bank, purchase supplies from wholesalers and sell their products to customers during ten 15-minute business days. Each day teams must make deposits at the bank, pay off their loans and even make tax payments to the government. MCC service-learning students played the roles of the government, bankers, wholesalers and customers.

Ted Limpert

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