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For Students, Faculty and Staff: WIN! WIN! WIN! Extreme Info Challenge is Here!

April Puzzle:

What is the abstract of Jay Leno’s article “THE 100-YEAR-OLD NEW IDEA,” published in GreenFile, one of MCC Libraries’ databases.

Please send your answers electronically ONLY to <""> by May 3, 2009, and indicate Extreme Info Challenge in the subject box. Do not forget to include your full name and phone number, so we can contact you if you are the lucky winner!

The March Puzzle No. 1 STUDENT WINNER IS JANELLE A. CRAMPTON, while the token award goes to ERIN SANGER (Human Resources Dept.).


The correct answer to the March Puzzle No.1 is:

“Old Times on the Mississippi.”  Atlantic Prose & Poetry.  Ed. Charles S. Thomas.  Little, Brown, 1919.  p.116

The correct answer to the March Puzzle No.2 will be announced in the last week of April.

Stephanie Hranjec
MCC Libraries