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TCC at DCC: What We Create

From What the Best College Teachers Do, by Ken Bain:

“More than anything else, the best teachers try to create a natural critical learning environment: “natural” because students encounter the skills, habits, attitudes, and information they are trying to learn embedded in questions and tasks they find fascinating – authentic tasks that arouse curiosity and become intrinsically interesting “critical” because students learn to think critically, to reason from evidence, to examine the quality of their reasoning using a variety of intellectual standards, to make improvements while thinking and to ask probing and insightful questions about the thinking of other people. (Chapter 5, p. 99)”

Please join us for our second discussion related to What the Best College Teachers Do. On Monday, October 23, from 12-12:50 in room 5-091, we will discuss the following:

Bain discusses internalized racism and sexism and the struggle with self esteem that many female students and students of color bring to the classroom. Given these internalized struggles, how do we as teachers create a critical learning environment so that our students may feel confident while strengthening their overall academic abilities?

Melany J Silas
Health/Physical Education