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President's Wednesday Message

As MCC eases into the slower pace of summer, I wanted to spend a few Wednesday Messages over the next weeks answering questions I've been asked directly or indirectly. Today, I'm addressing questions about my contract. If you have a question, on any topic, you would like answered, just let me know.

President Kress serves on a number of local, state, and national boards. Is she compensated for this service?

No. I do not accept compensation. Any board service is in my capacity as MCC's president, so it needs to reflect and support our mission and values. Before accepting any appointment I speak with the Board Chair and assess what the benefit of this service would be to the College. If there is a standard compensation associated with the appointment, I direct it to the MCC Foundation. Some boards and councils, like the Upstate New York Advisory Council of the NY Federal Reserve and the SUNY Research Foundation, pay for my travel to meetings. Others, such as the AACC and League Board, do not.

I've heard that President Kress travels first class. Is that true?

No. I travel in economy class, just like everyone else. My decisions on travel are usually based on a combination of minimizing cost and maximizing my time in the office and at home. This is why I've run into some of you at the Rochester airport at both 4 a.m. and midnight (sometimes on the same day) and why I never hit frequent flyer mileage targets.

Does the Board pay for President Kress's club memberships?

No. The Board does not pay for any club memberships. In my first contract (2009), the Board authorized a membership at the Genesee Valley Club for professional use, but after a couple of years, the cost/benefit of the membership did not make sense. I asked the Board to remove this item from my contract several years ago. Being part of the community means getting out in the community. So, you'll see me at breakfast and lunch meetings everywhere from Pixley's Diner to Phillips European to the convention center--and most often will find me at Java's or in the MCC Marketplace food court.

Do you have a question or a topic that you would like me to address in an upcoming Wednesday Message? Ask your question or suggest a topic on the blog or convey it anonymously using this link.

Kress, Anne
Office of the President