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Revised Instructions for Proposal Submission

The Revised Instructions for Proposal Submission generated questions about the appropriate roles and responsibilities in the curriculum program development process. To be in agreement with the process outlined in the Faculty Senate Resolutions, two changes have been made to the Instructions:

-  Department Chair Approval is now Department Approval
-  Division Dean Approval is now Division Dean Review

For further clarification, the Division Dean Review language has been expanded to include the following statement from the Faculty Senate Resolutions 2.1.1(2)b:

2.1.1 Academic Process for Initiation of Curriculum Change

b. The Division Dean shall then review proposals, resolve any conflict or confusion within the division, and forward them with pertinent comments to the Dean of Curriculum and Program Development.

Revised Instructions reflecting these changes are attached.  Complete Revised Instructions through Final Approval status can be located by clicking on the Help button in each of the seven proposal forms in the Curriculum database.  Additional Resources, Help, updated Curriculum Resolutions, and Approval Process can be found in the navigation bar at

Thank you for your continued patience as we strive to improve and streamline the curriculum and program development process.


Charlotte Downing
Curriculum and Program Development