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Construction News and Update - Sort of Critical

The good news!

The new air handlers serving the north end of building 6, the south end of building 7, and the HPL and locker rooms in building 10 are complete. All three are running and going through their shakedown phases as I write….. We are running a few days ahead of schedule on completion which has given us a jump on the south end of building 6. That area is already being served by the temporary unit and demolition is complete on the old air handler.

The campus wide cooling system shutdown for next week is officially canceled. With the cool days and nights we had in the past few weeks we were able to sneak in work on the system without anyone knowing!!!! Ha… We still do need to turn off the cooling system to buildings 5 and 4 starting Friday night (6/29). The system will be down until Sunday afternoon. This will enable the construction to begin on replacing the lobby ceiling and the HVAC equipment for the theater. This work will all begin tonight.

Finally, Building 7 is coming down to the wire. Work in the lab support areas is set to finish today, and a massive cleanup will follow. Faculty and staff have been great in working with us to make this possible, and to help us with the next transition to the south end. Thank you.

Don’t forget the power shutdown on August 11-13. If you have critical power needs during that weekend we need to know. We will make arrangements for temporary emergency power when required.

That’s all for now……back to work……………where did I put my hard hat……..?

Blaine Grindle
Facilities Engineering