MCC Daily Tribune

Working Together to Support Enrollment Efforts

Faculty and staff play a role in supporting the college's recruitment efforts. Through personal conversations at our fall Open House and spring Admitted Student Day, students learn of the strong academic rigor at MCC and begin to build relationships with faculty. By engaging with high school counselors at our annual High School Counselor Workshop, departments highlight the variety of programs offered while promoting opportunities and outcomes for prospective students. The college-wide Open House and Admitted Student Day events yield the greatest number of enrolled students.

To further engage faculty in the recruitment process, we welcome the opportunity to collaborate with academic departments in the following ways:

  • Middle and high school group visits
  • Campus tour and information session tour stops
  • Program-specific presentations at area high schools

Sharing your expertise directly with prospective students creates a personal connection unmatched by other recruitment efforts. We look forward to conversations and exploring new initiatives.

Hagreen, Sarah