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MCC Daily Tribune

Happy Pride Month!

Each June is celebrated nationally as Pride month. What is Pride?

Pride is a celebration of all that is LGBTQIA+; our history (what and who got us to where we are now), our present (who we are now), and our future (where we are headed). The Pride celebrations we know today were birthed from black and brown transgender, queer, and gay people rioting for their human rights at the Stonewall Uprising of 1969 in New York City. From there LGBTQIA+ people took to the streets to proclaim their humanity and over the years and across the nation Pride parades and festivals have been created from these movements.

The importance of Pride continues to be critical as oppressive, homophobic, and transphobic bills are introduced and passed in multiple states in recent years.

Pride month is all about celebrating, and commemorating the diverse LGBTQIA+ community, working towards a future without discrimination, where equal rights are the law, and in certain circumstance educating the greater community about the LGBTQIA+ community.

MCC students can join the PRIDE Alliance here on campus to find support or become more involved with supporting the LGBTQIA+ community. For more information contact: Bethany Gizzi (She/Her)

Staff and Faculty can join the newly created LGBTQIA+ Affinity Group here on campus. For more information contact: Anjali Parasnis-Samar (They/Them)   

For more information regarding supporting LGBTQIA+ youth visit:  

Here are some links for more information about LGBTQIA+ history and resources:

-Erin Murphy (They/Them)


Erin Murphy
LGBTQIA+ Affinity Group