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The Sixth Act and Spring 2011

The Sixth Act would like to remind all MCC faculty and staff to encourage students to submit plays to our annual Student Playwriting Competition. The flyer is attached.


The Sixth Act will produce a staged reading of the 1939 living-newspaper play Medicine Show on March 10, 11, and 12, at 7:30 p.m. in the North Atrium. This is not a standard play. Following the “living newspaper” format of Eastern European theatre in the beginning of the 20th century, this play presents a researched, thesis-driven argument in raucous, dramatic form. Because of this, we’re hoping to have lots of MCC students involved from a variety of disciplines as audience members and MCC faculty as panelists. The play focuses on government-subsidized health care. Other panelists will be a Dean from Strong Memorial, a historian of health care in the United States from the University of Rochester, a philosopher/ethicist from St. John Fisher, a couple of “independent” or “alternative” physicians from Rochester, and a nurse from St. John Fisher. We’re also hoping to have other community members and especially more MCC members involved, especially historians, economists, political scientists, nurses, theatre professionals, health-care professionals, and logicians/rhetoricians. Please let Maria Brandt "" or 292-3394) know as soon as possible if you’d like to talk more about functioning as a panelist. This will entail reading the play ahead of time, preparing a 3-minute spiel, and attending the event so you can participate on the panel, which we intend to run for about 45 minutes. THAT’S ALL! Please also let Maria Brandt know if you might want to include this event in your class. We’ll be preparing a curriculum packet with information about living newspapers, the health-care debate, U.S. politics in the 1930s, etc. for your use. We’re hoping for a high-energy, low-preparation event FOR STUDENTS,  FACULTY, STAFF, AND THE ROCHESTER COMMUNITY that will catalyze real dialogue about health care policy, argument techniques, economic policy, U.S. history, the role of theatre in a changing world, and whatever else comes up in the process….

Maria Brandt
The Sixth Act

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