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Faculty Senate Call for Committee Members

The Faculty Senate Curriculum Proposals Committee is pleased to offer our faculty and professional staff several opportunities to serve the College in important projects being undertaken as part of MCC’s ongoing preparation for the upcoming Middle States Self-Study. These projects are summarized briefly below.

Volunteers willing to serve in one or more of the following committees should send an email ASAP (no later than Friday, February 14th) to Mark Ernsthausen, Faculty Senate President, in order to be considered. YOUR HELP IS NEEDED AND APPRECIATED!

Critical Thinking and Analysis Committee (Jessica Wilkie, chair) – will extend the work of the LA04 Program Evaluation Committee and the ReImagine General Education Committee to create an institution-wide definition of “critical thinking and analysis,” followed up with an assessment of student learning.  Those interested in promoting improved critical thinking skills among MCC students are encouraged to volunteer.

Distance Education Committee (Cristina Rowley, chair) – work of the committee is to compile complete evidence that Middle States standards for distance education are being met by the College, including both broadly stated expectations, and specific standards in student learning. Experienced online instructors and those interested in promoting effective online learning are encouraged to serve.

Diverse Perspectives Committee (Susan Belair and Natasha Christensen, co-chairs) – will establish an institutional standard for student learning of general education that includes diverse perspectives, both global and domestic; identify where in the curriculum student learning with diverse perspectives is present; and assess institutional goals in student learning. Those interested in promoting a curriculum that encourages learning from various perspectives are encouraged to volunteer.

Information Literacy Committee (Matt Fox, chair) – will build on past efforts in assessment, as well as on the findings of the LA04 Program Evaluation Committee and the ReImagine General Education Committee, to determine the various ways in which student learning of information literacy outcomes might be improved. Those interesting in helping the College establish standards of information literacy among MCC’s students are encouraged to serve.

Technological Literacy Committee (Rory Butler, chair) – work of the committee to establish MCC’s first-ever learning outcomes associated with technological literacy. Committee members will help create a broad definition of technological literacy with student outcomes that need to be assessed across the College. Those interested in promoting student engagement in technology, broadly considered, are encouraged to volunteer.

Values and Ethics Committee (Bob Muhlnickel, chair) – will formulate for the College its first-ever formal set of student learning outcomes focused on values and ethics. Committee members will establish an institutional standard, measure student learning across the college, and assess the College’s effectiveness in meeting student learning goals of values and ethics. Those interested in supporting student learning of values and ethics across the curriculum are encouraged to serve.

Mark Ernsthausen
Faculty Senate