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The Sixth Act Presents "Comedy"--TODAY!

A reminder that The Sixth Act is hosting its final academic workshop of the 2006-2007 academic year, "Comedy," TODAY, March 8, from 4-5:30 p.m., in the Black Box Theater. This event is free and open to the public, and refreshments will be provided.


The workshop will offer a brief introduction to the history of comedy--in particular to some of the ways "comedy" has been defined through the ages and to important questions surrounding comedy's effect on its audience. Then, we will look closely at three key comedic genres--so-called low comedy (farce), so-called high comedy (comedies of ideas or manners and satire), and the Theatre of the Absurd--exploring their theoretical and historic roots, as well as examining and discussing representative scenes: What in the scene is funny (and not funny) and why? How might this humor reinforce or challenge the status quo?


And, for those of you who need extra incentive: to exemplify low comedy, Drama on Demand students will perform the famous vaudevillian "Niagara Falls" skit, later adapted by Abbot and Costello; to exemplify high comedy, we will show a recorded scene from a live performance of Richard Brindsley Sheridan's 18th-century classic The School for Scandal; and to exemplify the Theatre of the Absurd, Professors Jeff Jones and Matt Hachee will perform the final scene from Waiting for Godot. Don't be surprised if someone drops his pants....


Formed in 2004, The Sixth Act aims to broaden and deepen an interdisciplinary appreciation of drama at MCC and to connect MCC faculty, staff, and students with events in Rochester's theatre community. It seeks as its leaders faculty, staff, and students drawn from a variety of academic disciplines and departments. Current leaders include Gail Bouk, Maria Brandt, Matt Fox, Jeffery Jones, Janis Lilly, Larry Mandelker, Jim McCusker, Caren Pita, Kelli Smith, and Ann Tippet. For more information, please contact Maria Brandt at 585-292-3394 or "".

Maria Brandt