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MCC Board of Trustees Meeting - Open Forum

MCC Board of Trustees Meeting - Open Forum

The next MCC Board of Trustees meeting will be held on Monday, April 13. If you would like to participate in the Open Forum, please submit your name and topic to Linda Hall, Secretary to the Board of Trustees, at least 24 hours in advance of the meeting either by phone (292-2100) or by e-mail (<>).

As a reminder, the comment period is structured for speakers to share information with the Board regarding agenda items of interest; it is not a forum for dialogue with Trustees. Speakers will have two minutes to speak.

Questions to the Board on policy and governance matters should be submitted in writing to the Secretary to the Board who will forward them to the Board Chair for review with Trustees and appropriate written response.

Please note the public comment period is recorded. DVD’s are available in the library within 10 days following the meeting and can be signed out for viewing.

For further information concerning Board of Trustees meetings, including the agenda and minutes, please refer to the
Board of Trustees web page.

Linda M. Hall
President's Office