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Fun Times at the Scholars Bowl

 Eight students in MCC’s Upward Bound (UB) program were invited to Genesee Community College on October 22 for a regional academic competition called “Scholars Bowl”. Activities included a tour of the campus and dormitories
It was a good way for prospective students to get an idea of what life at college away from home might be like. For the main event, MCC’s UB students were pitted against Upward Bound teams from other colleges in upstate New York. Students worked together in their groups to find the answer to each question for points.

According to MCC UB chaperone Mrs. Alice, “The new format for the activity was excellent. They did really well and made a few friends." In the competition, students played Jeopardy with each other, in a relaxing and friendly way. The day was also productive because students were intellectually stimulated.  This was confirmed by one of MCC’s UB students, Raia, who said, “It was a fun, intellectual challenge and it was interesting to see how other Upward Bound groups interact with each other.”

Jenee Skinner
MCC Upward Bound Program