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Curriculum Postings for Faculty Review Until October 17, 2017

The following curriculum proposal were approved by Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee to be posted for faculty review until October 17, 2017

Program Revision:

AS Sport Management 2016-PR86-Spring

AS Liberal Arts And Sciences: General Studies 2016-PR87-Spring

Course Revision:

CIT 101 Surveying 2016-CR125-Spring

CIT 122 Construction I: Elements of Building Construction 2016-CR126-Spring

CIT 204 Strength of Materials 2016-CR127-Spring

CIT 206 Soil and Concrete Testing 2016-CR128-Spring

CIT 217 Construction Management 2016-CR129-Spring

CIT 221 Cost Estimating 2016-CR130-Spring

CIT 232 Construction Contracts and Specifications 2016-CR131-Spring

ELT 111 Introduction to Digital Electronics 2016-CR132-Spring

ELT 112 Linear Circuits 2016-CR133-Spring

ELT 121 AC/DC Circuit Analysis 2016-CR134-Spring

ELT 130 System Electricity 2016-CR135-Spring

ELT 201 Linear Systems 2016-CR136-Spring

ELT 202 Pulse and Digital Circuits 2016-CR137-Spring

ELT 204 Industrial Electronics and Control 2016-CR138-Spring

ELT 205 Communication Systems 2016-CR139-Spring

ELT 206 Digital Systems and Microprocessors 2016-CR140-Spring

Michael Heel
Curriculum and Program Development