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Internet Blackout Monday - MCC Not Affected

You may have seen reports on the news of “Internet Blackout Monday,” or the DNSChanger piece of malware set to cripple computers worldwide starting Monday, July 9th.   MCC has not been affected by this malware attack.  ETS has been proactively monitoring our infrastructure using our Cisco Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS). This system monitors for and automatically defends against infections such as the DNSChanger malware. IPS works similar to antivirus software, but on a network level cleaning traffic your computer receives from the Internet round the clock. ETS:CNS has had the ability to detect infected hosts for several months, and has found no credible threat to the college infrastructure.

If your home computer cannot access the Internet after today and you suspect it may be infected, we recommend you work with your service provider or antivirus company for removal. More information can be found at

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