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October 5 - First Fridays in History 1974 : American circumnavigates the globe on foot

"American David Kunst completes the first round-the-world journey on foot, taking four years and 21 pairs of shoes to complete the 14,500-mile journey across the land masses of four continents. He left his hometown of Waseca, Minnesota, on June 20, 1970. Near the end of his journey in 1974 he explained the reasons for his epic trek: "I was tired of Waseca, tired of my job, tired of a lot of little people who don't want to think, and tired of my wife." During the long journey, he took on sponsors and helped raise money for UNICEF." (<<>>)

It won't take 21 pairs of shoes to get to JB Quimby's but it will take 6 minutes to go to the 3.10 miles to the Win-Jeff Plaza on Winton from Brighton and 13 minutes to go the 8.65 miles from Damon.  Come enjoy the collegiality! Everyone welcome!

Join “The Crossovers” - Paul Emerick (Biology), Jeff Bartkovich (Educational Technologies) - back row

Dave Shaw (Music), Alice Harrington Wilson (Libraries) – middle row

Ellen Mancuso (Libraries), Diane Dawson (Instructional Technologies), Cynthia Cooper (College and Community Relations) – front row

Ellen Mancuso
ETS Libraries

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