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Students Can Chat Online with a Librarian

Your student is sitting at home in front of a computer, trying to finish a paper for tomorrow and suddenly realizes the need for professional help from a librarian. What to do? It is late at night and the local libraries are closed. Your student doesn't need to get desperate; there is a solution to the problem.

From MCC Libraries web homepage,, students can get many answers to a variety of questions. 

Students Have Got Questions, WE HAVE ANSWERS!, a sign on yellow background, indicates the spot where your students should start. We recommend students first check if their question has already been answered by MCC librarians; they can find out by browsing through posted answers.

If they can’t find an answer, and they need immediate assistance, students can start a chat with a live librarian - regardless of the late night hour!

Students should start typing their question in the Live Chat box. Very shortly, sometimes almost immediately, a librarian (perhaps one from California or from Hawaii!) is going to have the pleasure to assist them with their question. 

Good luck!

MCC Librarians

Stephanie Hranjec
MCC Libraries