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Twelve (12) Curriculum Proposals for Faculty Comment

Twelve (12) Curriculum Proposals are available for faculty review until Tuesday, June 23, 2020.

Course Revisions
ATP 107 - Automatic Transmission and Transaxle - Automotive
Proposal ID Eric Strong-03/13/2020-CR-2
Submitted by Eric Strong

ATP 109 - Heating and Air Conditioning - Automotive
Proposal ID Eric Strong-03/13/2020-CR-1
Submitted by Eric Strong

ENG 251 - Technical Communication
Proposal ID 2019-CR44-Spring
Submitted by Jay Keith

PSY 261 - The Psychology of Learning and Behavior Disorders
Proposal ID 2019-CR120-Spring
Submitted by Michelle Parker

SGT 100 - Introduction to Surgical Technology
Proposal ID 2019-CR121-Spring
Submitted by Mary Seely

SGT 101 - Surgical Pharmacology and Anesthesia
Proposal ID 2019-CR122-Spring
Submitted by Mary Seely

SGT 102 - Principles and Practices in Surgical Technology
Proposal ID 2019-CR126-Spring
Submitted by Mary Seely

SGT 110 - Foundations of Surgical Technology
Proposal ID 2019-CR123-Spring
Submitted by Mary Seely

SGT 201 - Surgical Procedures
Proposal ID 2019-CR125-Spring
Submitted by Mary Seely

SGT 202 - Specialty Surgical Procedures
Proposal ID 2019-CR127-Spring
Submitted by Mary Seely

SGT 210 - Professional Issues and Certification for Surgical Technology
Proposal ID 2019-CR124-Spring
Submitted by Mary Seely

TAM 138 - Dimensional Metrology
Proposal ID Dale Pearce-03/24/2020-CR-2
Submitted by Dale Pearce


Barnet, David
Curriculum and Program Development