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NISOD Innovation Abstracts, Vol. XXVI, No. 18

M. Vali Siadat, Professor and Chair of Mathematics, and Director of the Keystone Mathematics Project at Richard J. Daley College (IL) describes an innovative approach to teaching and learning mathematics, tracing the sources of students' difficulties with math to behavior patterns that can be addressed in the classroom. In "Keystone Method: A Dynamic System for Teaching and Learning," Siadat points to significantly improved student performance outcomes at all levels of algebra instruction.

Marianne Pita, Assistant Professor of English at Bronx Community College (NY), describes her mid-semester assessment strategy in "Student-Centered Course Assessment." End-of-semester assessments are made too late to help the students who are headed out her classroom door for the last time; mid-semester assessments make important corrections in assignments/activities/performance at a critical point in the term.

Make plans now to attend the 27th annual International Conference on Teaching and Leadership Excellence, May 29-June 1, 2005, in Austin, Texas.

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