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Volunteers Needed For Middle States Study

Once in a decade (that’s right, it occurs only once every 10 years) an opportunity is available for faculty and staff to participate in the Middle States Self–Study Process -- a process that serves as the basis for the college’s reaccreditation.

This is an excellent time for you to broaden your understanding and appreciation of the comprehensiveness of MCC in fulfilling its mission. Likewise, it is an opportunity to assist the College in a comprehensive self-renewal process that analyzes the college’s strengths and shortcomings and sets forth recommendations for continued growth and success. It is an experience that is both personally and professionally rewarding! (Just ask your colleagues who participated in our last study.)

Steering Committee:
A Steering Committee composed of 8 – 10 members will be appointed to work with the Co-Chairs Christine Abbott and Valarie Avalone. The Steering Committee will meet bi-weekly from March 2004 through December 2005. Each member of the Steering Committee will serve as a liaison to a study team and will also assist in coordinating the overall project elements and the drafting of the final Middle States Report.

Study Teams:
Additionally, 8 – 10 Study Teams will also be formed. The size of each team will vary from 5 – 9 members. The major time commitment for team members, with the exception of team chairs, will occur during the 2004-2005 year (September – August). Each team will study one or more of the “Standards for Excellence” set forth in the Middle States guidelines. Each team’s primary task will be to conduct a comprehensive study of the particular standard assigned based upon a prescribed set of elements. These standards follow:

·       Mission, Goals & Objectives
·       Planning, Resource Allocation, Renewal
·       Institutional Resources
·       Leadership & Governance
·       Administration
·       Integrity
·       Institutional Assessment
·       Student Admissions
·       Student Support Services
·       Faculty
·       Educational Offerings
·       General Education
·       Related Educational Activities
·       Assessment of Student Learning

How to volunteer?

If you would like further information or are interested in serving on or chairing a specific Study Team, or serving on the Steering Committee please submit your name to Co-Chairs Christine Abbott (292-2947 or HYPERLINK "" or Valarie Avalone (292-3021 or HYPERLINK "" by no later than February 6. Please indicate your preference, if possible. We are looking forward to working with you on this important college initiative.

Christine Abbott