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June 11th Professional Development Workshop Day

June 11th Professional Development Workshop Day

Friday June 11th will be a Professional Development Workshop Double Feature.
You can enjoy two exciting and engaging workshops for the same free price in Monroe A & B.

First from 9:00 am to 12:00 Noon Students Services presents:
“The Big Picture: Working Toward Community”
Featuring: Sandy Parker, CEO for Rochester Business Alliance (RBA)  This session will focus on how MCC is seen as a resource in the emerging new businesses and technologies.  What will be the impact on our college community? 

Noon - 1 PM Intermission will feature a delicious Hot Lunch provided by Aramark.

Then from 1:00 to 2:30 pm The Faculty Senate presents:
“Making a Commitment to Civility”
Featuring: Ron Adler, Author of “Looking Out Looking In”.
This blockbusting presentation is filled with thrilling information on how we, the Faculty, can contribute to making MCC a more civil and socially sensitive learning community.  You will be amazed and entertained as the topic of civility comes to life on the BIG screen.

Make a day of it!  Come to one or come to both you can gain admission to it all for the same free price. 

RSVP to: "" indicating all that apply:

_______   I will attend both

_______   I will attend only the morning

_______   I will attend only the afternoon 

_______   I will be there for Lunch

Bill Brewer
Health and Physical Education