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ITC Audioconference - Embedded Assessment: Better Information in a More Timely Fashion

ETS will host the Instructional Technology Council's audio conference entitled Embedded Assessment: Better Information in a More Timely Fashion on Tuesday May 4, 2004 - 4:00-5:00 pm in 7-333. 

The presenter will be Dr. David Sachs, associate dean and professor of Technology Systems, Pace University.  Pace University and the National Advisory Coalition for Telecommunications Education and Learning (NACTEL) have created a Web-based evaluation system that serves as an information management center. The program distributes attitudinal, behavioral, and learning outcome measures to students while it sends immediate organized and meaningful results to instructors and other evaluators. The system stores the results and allows users to compare evaluation data across courses, instructors, and programs.

Dr. David Sachs will provide examples with documented results of this evaluation solution. As director of the Pace Computer Learning Center, Dr. Sachs is responsible for providing computer, computer science, and telecommunications education to corporations worldwide. Sachs has worked closely with teachers, administrators and others to think about the most effective ways to introduce technology into public and private schools.

To reserve a seat ,please contact Carol Wilkinson at Ext. 3019.

Carol Wilkinson
Educational Technology Service