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Gilmore in Falujah: Thanks MCC

A note received Tuesday from Supervisor of Safety and Training  Marty Gilmore who is stationed in Iraq:

Hello all. Greetings from beautiful downtown Falluja. What a ride it has
been. Our team is assigned to be the foreign military advisors for the 1st
Battalion of the 1st Brigade of the 1st Iraqi Intervention Force. We picked
them up in Falluja.  Hopefully this Battalion will be replaced here by
another Iraqi unit in the upcoming days and we will head back to our home
base. They will get some good time off and hopefully we will be in for a few
days of quiet time to re-group, re-assess and  have a day or two during the
holiday season to have a slight feeling of Christmas. As you will see on one
of  our Humvees we have Christmas lights

I am sending a photo of myself with MAJ Roger Swartwood. He is a 1983
graduate of MCC. We are on the same advisor team and getting along well. I
wanted to let MCC know that even in Falluja MCC is still in the mix. Roger
played on the MCC baseball team and earned his associate's degree in
engineering. It was a nice surprise to learn that he graduated from MCC as
we talked about what we did and where we live, etc....

I primarily work with the Intelligence Officer and the Operations Officer (of the 1st Battalion of the 1st Brigade of the 1st Iraqi Intervention Force).
We look at planning and intelligence and mold the 2 into how the operations
are to be conducted. I let them do what they need to do and watch and
provide recommendations as they interact. We have interpreters with us and
it has become very comfortable to communicate that way. We have done a
few operations and the system seems to be working. They have done quite well
and have been successful.


PS. 12/14/04 we returned to our base camp from Fallujah. I was so pleased to
receive a package today from all the group at the college. Mill, what a
great deed! Thanks so much. I am using my civilian e-mail as the
is running really slow and screwy. Still probably better to send e-mails to:

Cynthia Cooper
Public Affairs