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Glocker, Stewart and Weidel Contribute to Campus Activities Article

Vice President of Academic Services Janet Glocker, Associate Director of the Campus Center Betty Stewart and Associate Director of Student Services - DCC Pam Weidel contributed their unique perspectives to "From Community College to Four-Year Institutions: Will You be Ready When Our Students Become Yours," an article that appears in the March 2004 edition of Campus Activities Programming Magazine.

The National Association of Campus Activites began an initiative 10 years ago to be more committed to educating their profession regarding issues related to the community college.  The association has been committed to this education and each month publish articles in Campus Activities Programming Magazine highlighting contemporary issues facing student development within the community college, and the impact those issues have in higher education.  Their circulation is 4000 member institutions and related services within higher education.

In having co-authors from multiple Academic and Student Services perspectives this article attempts to look at how we can better communicate who we are to four year campuses, in attempts to help the professionals on these campuses better understand our students.  We discuss the reality that it is possible that professionals at the community college do their work differently than professionals at four year campuses, and there are significant reasons why we do things the way we do.  We communicate this information in four sections first by defining: What is the Community College? How do we do what we do?  Why do we do it this way?  And finally ask the question; Are you and your institutions ready for our students?

Please contact Pam Weidel at x1662 if you would like a copy of the article.

Pamela Weidel
DCC Student Services