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Concurrent Enrollment Executive Committee Meeting

MCC is hosting the SUNY Two Year Concurrent Enrollment Program Executive Committee meeting today. The Executive Committee will focus on various aspects of maintaining quality dual credit programs across community college campuses. Transferability of concurrently earned credit is one of the key issues for today’s discussion. Kathie Affleck who coordinates the SUNY CEP group's work will be leading the meeting and discussions.

More than 2,400 students enrolled in MCC’s fall Dual Credit program and generated 9,449 student credit hours or 315 FTEs. Approximately 60 MCC faculty served as faculty liaisons in the program and monitored 250 sections of MCC courses that were offered in 34 high schools and BOCES around the area. It is one of the largest and most successful dual credit programs in New York state. Thank you to all the faculty who participated in the fall program!

Carol Adams, Dean
Interdisciplinary Programs