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An Expose on Grading Part I

An Expose on Grading Part I: The Appearance or Disappearance of Grade Rosters

Paris Hilton does not need to deal with as many rumors as I do. Granted, hers are of a more interesting nature, but mine are more persistent and resistant to the truth. Romantic escapades and mega million dollar shopping sprees come and go, but grading rumors just live on and on for all eternity. This week we'll look at those some of those insidious grading rumors, expose them like a cheap tabloid and, hopefully, destroy them once and for all. We might make a bootleg video too!

Today we will look at the grading rumors that surround the arrival (or not) of the grade rosters themselves.

Grading Rumor #1:
If I never receive, lose, or destroy (accidentally, I'm sure) my grade roster, I can call the Registrar's office and get a replacement.

Your grade roster is as unique and irreplaceable as you are. When a grading cycle is set up and the forms printed, the file is frozen. This is done so that the forms, the 115 screen and the file will always match. We are technically unable to reproduce individual grade rosters. We can set up a new grading cycle and re-run them for the entire college guessed it...we aren't going to do that.

Grading Rumor #2:
Based on the snotty and uncooperative answer above, if I never receive, lose or (accidentally) destroy my grade roster I am in a hopeless situation, aka SOL, and can't grade my course.

You cannot escape from grading that easily. WE HAVE BACK UP! If you want to use the 115 screen to grade on-line, check the MCC Daily Tribune. We will publish the cycle numbers as soon as the grade rosters are run. You can also call the Registrar's Office to find out the cycle numbers. We won't know them until the morning we receive the rosters, otherwise I would just tell them to you now...or maybe I wouldn't.

If you want to grade manually you may use a copy of your daily attendance form, which has a GRADE column on the far right. Just highlight the column, so it catches our eye, write in the grades and sign your name. We will input the grades. You many also call the Registrar's office to get a clean, up to date copy of your attendance roster. We run a complete set the night after we run the grade rosters just for this use.

You may also print a copy of your class list using the 107 screen, write down the grades, sign the sheet and turn it in. We will enter the grades.

Obviously, grading on anything other than the scanner sheet causes us extra work but we are here to serve and look forward to manually inputting all the grades that come in on foreign pieces of paper. Really. I am NOT being sarcastic! We have Stepford grade processors who input grades and audit them for the sheer thrill of the tedium.

Next we will examine the cruel and sadistic world of grade roster abuse.

Deborah Benjamin
Registration and Records