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Mad Woman with a Room Book

As I madly labor to fulfill everyone's room requests (over 100 of them) and madly scramble to meet the need for additional sections, it sometimes becomes necessary to move people about like chess pieces. This constant movement of classroom assignments is not done based on some Machiavellian need of mine (although it IS rather fun), but, rather, by the need to rearrange assignments to best utilize our facilities.

Therefore, it is important that you do not rely on old classroom assignment information when you return to campus on the first day of classes. The room assignment you had on January 23 may not be the same one you have on the 26th. The 1F5 screen gives you your individual teaching schedule and is always up to date with your current room assignments. Everyone should look at their 1F5 screen the morning of the 26th to be assured of the current classroom assignments. (Or you can check it out the evening of the 25th. Even mad women need a rest.)

If you have sent me a request for a specific type of room and I have been able to meet it, I may change your classroom but only if I can change it to a room that still meets your needs (i.e., a computer lab or a smart classroom).

On a final note, due to the volume of changes and the juggling of additional sections, I cannot always respond to each of you with the new room assignment (don't tell my mother). If you keep an eye on your 1F5 screen you will see when the move is made. If I cannot meet your request for a specific type of room I will email you.

And on another final note: It is important to me that each of you have the best classroom that we can provide. Please feel free to email my with your requests and I'll do what I can to make it work. MCC professors are great to work with and have an amazing understanding of our facilities. This makes my job easier. Thank you! db

Deborah Benjamin
Registration and Records