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An Expose on Grading Part 4

Part 4 Tying up Loose Ends

There are a few last grading related rumors that didn't fit into the Part 1-3 categories. Before I completely blow my cover and reveal myself to R&R as the highly skilled spy they innocently took in and nurtured as their own, I'll reveal these last few secrets.

Loose End Rumor #1
R&R collects teacher evaluations, daily attendance forms, incomplete grade contracts, and leftover food from meetings and parties.

With the exception of the hand-me-down food, we do not collect any of the above.

Loose End Rumor #2
The roster collection box outside the R&R is purposely made too small so I have to fold my grade roster to stuff it in there.

While the opening IS too small, it was not done on purpose. If you sort of roll your roster up to put it in rather than folding it, we can still scan it. We hope to get a new form collection box in the near future.

Loose End Rumor #3
Even if I call to tell you my roster will be late, you will still harass me about turning it in.

This rumor is actually true! We try to make a note of every roster that will be late but it's possible we might call you even though you told us it would be late. Alas, we are but human (most of us anyway).

Loose End Rumor #4
If I turn in a blank roster, you will intuitively know what the grades are.

It is amazing how many blank rosters we receive. Some are even signed. These are not people who input their grades on the 115 screen. Maybe we need to change our instructions to "Grade rosters, WITH GRADES ON THEM, are due June 1".

Loose End Rumor #5
If I have Weldonia Wickersonia White, (ID White-566) on my class list but a Weldonia Wickersonia Kelly, (ID Kelly-566) appears on my grade roster, I should not assume it is the same person.

I think it is safe to assume it is the same person. Students should let you know if they change their names between registration and grading, but if they don't, it's safe to make some assumptions, especially when the first name and the last three digits of the ID match.

Loose End Rumor #6
It doesn't matter whether I sign the grade roster or not.

We return any rosters without a signature and will not image them for posterity without a signature. For people using on-line grading, we need the grade confirmation report for each course signed before we will image it. Nothing gets imaged without a signature.

And that's it on grading!

Once you have had a chance to digest the information from my undercover grading operation debriefing, I will debrief on incomplete grades. That whole process is a hornet's nest of rumor and speculation. Ah, the freedom of debriefing in front of all the faculty and staff. You should try it!

Deborah Benjamin
Registration and Records