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Closing the Door on Grading

You taught with fervor all semester. You supported and guided your students through the ups and downs of tests and papers. You sat up all night debating over pluses and minuses when you should have been wrapping. You skidded onto campus to get your grades turned in on time (and 98% of you did!). There is nothing left to do, right? Wrong!

You will be receiving your grade confirmation reports for the fall 2003 semester. These need to be carefully checked to assure that all the grades in the system are accurate. If you graded on-line using the 115 screen, please sign the grade confirmation reports, one for each class, (not the cover letter) and return it to the Registration and Records Office. This signed copy of each of your class grades will be imaged and used as the official grading document.

I can guarantee you that either you or the person in the office next to you will find an error. Sometimes it is a plus or minus that was not bubbled in. Sometimes it is an erased plus or minus that was still picked up by the scanner. Sometimes it is a drop of cocoa that changes a student's grade from a B to a D. There are mistakes. There are freak errors. There are unexplained phenomena that cause a student to receive a grade you did not intend.

Please do this one last step to assure that all your grades are correct. If you find an error, please submit a grade change form, with your chair's signature, and we will correct the grade and send the student an updated grade report.

NOW we can close the door on grading and do what we all like to do best....MAKE ROOM CHANGES!

Deborah Benjamin
Registration and Records