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MCC Daily Tribune

Green Tip: Recycle Right - Know before you Throw!

What is and is not accepted for recycling differs throughout New York State depending on where you live. It is important to know what can be recycled and to avoid “wishcycling.” Placing items that cannot be recycled in your recycling bin leads to contamination which lowers the value of recyclables. A great resource for learning how and what to recycle can be found on the Recycle Right New York website which has the NYS RECYCLOPEDIA, a search tool and guide that provides reduction, reuse, and recycling instructions for more than 300 common household items. Monroe County residents should refer to Ecopark guidelines.

Did you know?

Not all paper is recyclable. Receipts are one of those paper items that do not belong in your recycling bin! This is because most receipts are made with thermal paper containing chemical compounds that affect their ability to be made into new products. The best way to dispose of receipts is in the trash, but if you’re able to, next time skip the slip and ask for a digital receipt. #KnowBeforeYouThrow #SkiptheSlip

Single use plastics (k-cups, straws, plastic utensils, cups/solo cups) are not recyclable! Due to their small size and diversity of plastic resin types, these materials cannot be properly sorted at the recycling plant. These items should always be disposed of in the trash. Consider purchasing/using reusable items instead to reduce waste!

Ann Penwarden
Sustainability Steering Committee