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Student Employee Development Training

Student Employee Development Training Workshop

We will be holding our Student Employee Development Training Workshop on Saturday, October 9th starting at 8:30am to 1p.m.   If you have student workers that you would like to send to this training please let us know.  All who complete this training satisfactorily will receive a certificate of completion. 

Your students must pre-register for this training by seeing Donna Allen in the Photo ID Office (3-139A).  Donna will give them a Pre-evaluation form to be completed and turned into me at the training session.  At the end of the day the students will be given a Post-evaluation form to be completed and returned to Donna by October 22nd .  These forms must be returned to Donna by the deadline at which time she will issue them a Certificate of Completion. 

Some of the subjects we will be discussing are:

Ø       Going the “Extra Mile”
Ø       Interpersonal Skills
Ø       Time Management (Dependability & Accuracy)
Ø       Teamwork Skills
Ø       Issues of Confidentiality
Ø       How to Handle Difficult Situations
Ø       Importance of Courtesy and Perseverance

If you have any questions please contact Donna Allen at ext. 2548 or email her at ""

Thank you,
Craig D. Proctor
Operations Manager, Campus Center
Monroe Community College Association
Phone #: (585) 292-2530

Craig Proctor
Campus Center