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ITC Audioconference: "Administering Proctoring Sites for Your Distance Learning Students"

On Tuesday, Sept. 28 from 4:00-5:00 p.m. in the Board Lounge, MCC will host the ITC audioconference entitled "Administering Proctoring Sites for Your Distance Learning Students" presented by Patricia Vogel, online testing coordinator at Pace University. Contact Carol Wilkinson via email or at ext. 3019 to make a reservation.

Conference Description:
How do we know whether a student in our program is actually the person who is completing an examination without the aid of unpermitted resources or help from someone else? Pace University/National Coalition for Telecommunications Education and Learning (NACTEL) has developed a student proctoring system to address this need which incorporates designated proctors who supervise and administer major examinations throughout the students’ program. Proctors allow us to verify that the person who completed the assessment followed the necessary examination guidelines and is the individual receiving credit for the course. Over the past five years Pace/NACTEL has successfully developed and incorporated this proctoring program into distance learning program. Patricia Vogel will share the results of ongoing surveys to demonstrate how both students and proctors view various aspects of the program, describe a workable system based on the procedures and forms they have developed, and provide access to materials and online information.

Carol Wilkinson
Educational Technology Services