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Middle States Study Team Chairs Announced

The following Middle States Study Team Chairs have been named:

Standard 1 – Mission, Goals & Objectives
Annette Leopard, Mathematics

Standard 2 – Planning, Resource Allocation & Institutional Renewal
Terry Keys, ETS        

Standard 3 – Institutional Resources
Ed Martin, Engineering Science and Physics
Standard 4 – Leadership & Governance            
Standard 5 – Administration
Diane Cecero, General Counsel

Standard 6 – Integrity
Cynthia Cooper, Public Affairs
Standard 7 – Institutional Assessment
Chet Rogalski, Liberal Arts             

Standard 8 – Student Admissions
Pam Weidel,     Student Services DCC            

Standard 9 – Student Support Services,
Peggy VanKirk, ETS
Standard 10 – Faculty
Ray Shea, Business                              

Standard 11 – Educational Offerings
Holly Wheeler, English

Standard 12 – General Education
Stuart Blacklaw, Curriculum & Program Development

Standard 13 – Related Educational Offerings
Susan Belair, Anthropology/History

Standard 14 – Assessment of Student Learning
Francis Dearing, Academic Services

Study team members will be selected by the end of May.  A special thank you is extended to all who have volunteered to serve on this important initiative.

Christine Abbott and Valarie Avalone, Co-Chairs
2005 Middle States Study