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“I can’t imagine Kodak without MCC.”

At the Salute to Excellence dinner last night, Kodak Chairman and CEO Dan Carp said “I can’t imagine Eastman Kodak Company without Monroe Community College.” His words came as he accepted the MCC Foundation’s Salute to Excellence award on behalf of the “generations of Kodak men and women who were unseen, but excited and proud” to receive the award. What a moment of pride for every member of the MCC family.

Before an audience which included SUNY Chancellor Bob King, Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks and 480 community members, Mr. Carp noted that over 2,200 Kodak employees are graduates of MCC and thousands more have taken courses, mentored students and “worked on joint programs to improve the community, the college and Kodak.” He said “education and business go hand-in-hand, and MCC was among the first to understand and leverage that relationship….In many ways, Kodak and MCC have grown up together.”

Chancellor King echoed Mr. Carp’s sentiments that MCC is “one of Rochester’s most valuable assets” and that private support of SUNY institutions is essential to ensure educational opportunities remain accessible to students who desire it.

The benefits of an MCC education were personified in the alumni who were inducted into the Alumni Hall of Fame last evening. Congratulations to Doug Brown, Terri Hall, Pat O’Flynn and John Thompson. Their success is the finest tribute the college could ever receive. Our keynote speaker for the evening, NBC’s Al Roker, provided yet another example of the accomplishments of SUNY graduates nationwide.

Congratulations to the MCC Foundation Board of Directors, staff and volunteers who organized an outstanding event for the college and for our community.

R. Thomas Flynn