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Incomplete grades for fall 2003

Faculty and chairs will be receiving a list of all the Incomplete grades issued for fall 2003. Each student who has an incomplete should have a contract on file with the department. This contract includes an alternate grade which the student will receive if they have not completed the missing work by the deadline agreed upon in the contract. Incomplete grades should not be issued if there is not a contract on file and if the student does not know what she needs to do to complete the course satisfactorily.

Students were also sent letters reminding them of their incomplete grade and their obligations to follow through.

Many times students reregister for a course in which they received an incomplete. They should not do this as it will cause the course to appear twice on their record, once with a never resolved incomplete grade, and they will have to pay for the course again. If a student needs to do so much work that they need to take the course again,an incomplete is not the correct grade. Students should never be advised to reregister for the course in order to complete it.

If you have questions regarding the incomplete policy, please contact Deborah Benjamin.

Deborah Benjamin
Registration and Records