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Authorized Parking for Employees

With MCC’s continued success and growth, the college is again expecting record enrollment numbers this year.  While growth in enrollment is exciting, it also poses challenges in the area of parking.

During the Spring 2003 semester, an e-mail was sent to all faculty and staff requesting that they park only in the areas reserved for MCC employees. This effort allowed us to better meet our responsibility to provide adequate parking spaces to our students.

For Spring 2004, we believe the parking situation will be even more dramatic, and it will be necessary to strictly enforce parking space designation for all people during the hours of 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Faculty/Staff parking permits will be authorized only for the areas on campus that are reserved for employees; student parking permits in student areas only. While we understand that other parking areas may be in closer proximity to your classroom or office, we need to provide parking for our students. Currently, students receive tickets for parking in areas reserved for employees. Again this spring, parking enforcement will cite any employee vehicle with a Faculty/Staff permit or temporary employee permit that is parked in a student parking area.

The attached map indicates the reserved areas for faculty and staff:
* Lots A, B and K
* Spaces in the first two rows of Lot G
* Spaces in the first row of Lots F, M and Q (Q is a new area)

It is important to note that the preferred employee parking does not extend to spouses, significant others or dependents. If you have a dependent attending classes and using one of your vehicles on campus, a student parking permit must be displayed, and the car will need to be parked in the student lot. Both the employee and student sticker should be displayed on the rear left window.

We appreciate your continued cooperation.         


Dr. Susan Salvador
Office for Student Services