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The Do's and Don'ts of Grading - Part 2

Yesterday I reminded you to not bug us if you don’t receive your grade roster AND to remember to bug us if you don’t receive your grade roster. I think we’ve covered that subject.

If all has gone well, you either have your bubble sheet grade roster or a new daily attendance form or 107 screen that you can use for grading. Here are a couple more Do’s. (Trying to present things positively absolutely sucks all the fun out of writing for publication).

DO remember to sign your grade roster, 107 screen or attendance form. The grades are not official without a signature and we WILL track you down until we get one. Tracking and nagging are one of the few perks of records work. We deserve our fun.

DO make note of your cycle number if you are going to grade on-line. You may want to grade from home and not have your bubble sheet and the office may be closed and you will be out of luck. During office hours you can call for the cycle number. It is randomly generated when the rosters are produced or I would be helpful and actually TELL you the cycle number RIGHT NOW.

DO remember not to add any names, not to bubble in any grades for the added names, and not to write any messages to us on the front of the roster. If a student has been left off the list, write their name and grade on the back.

When a line is added to the front of the sheet, especially if a grade is bubbled in for someone not pre-printed, NOT ONE SINGLE STUDENT ON THE ROSTER GETS GRADED. This delays the grading for this course by at least 24 hours until we can discover the problem and then manually correct it. Please use the back of the form for all messages, added students and other important information you need to convey. The front of the grade roster should be as pristine as I pretend my ‘in’ basket is.

I'm on a roll now! There will be even more tips tomorrow.

Deborah Benjamin
Registration and Records