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Changes in Open Enrollment Dates Due to Banner

As a follow-up to messages previously sent by Dr. Sherry Ralston, below
is information regarding the change in the Open Enrollment date for MCC
employees for this academic year.

Due to HR Banner implementation on January 1, 2005, Human Resources and
Payroll have established November 15, 2004 as the deadline for
submission of changes to 2005 health/dental insurance plans, Flexible
Spending Accounts, and Tax Shelter Annuity deductions. The earlier
deadline is necessary to provide appropriate processing time for the
first payroll in January.

To help with questions and changes in health insurance, representatives
from College insurance providers will be available in October. Flexible
Spending Account help will also be available. After November 15, 2004 no
changes will be accepted.

Additionally, if you wish to amend your 2004 tax shelter deductions,
change forms must be received by the deadline date. All changes not
received by November 15 will not be processed in January. If no change
is made, 2004 deductions will remain in effect. If appropriate, other
changes to TSA amounts may be made in February.

Please be assured that your attention and cooperation in this important
matter is appreciated. For additional information, questions may be
referred to the Human Resources department.

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