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An Expose on Grading Part 2

Part 2: Grade Roster Abuse

Today we are going to expose the ugly underbelly of grade roster abuse. People do not realize that grade rosters are fragile and sensitive forms that react strongly to abuse of any kind. While by nature they are quiet and self-effacing, although complex papers, they react to abuse in the strongest possible way--they cease to function.

We created the grade roster to be scanned. Scanning is its highest calling and, once achieved, the grade roster can retire and rest on its scanning laurels. Sadly, this nirvana is not a possibility for the abused roster. The grade roster that has been mistreated can never be used for the purpose for which it was created and, therefore, can never rest in peace. The unsettled ghosts of abused grade rosters haunt the halls of Building 6. That is why we started locking our doors.

In addition to sending money, you can aid this cause by helping to educate yourselves and your colleagues, well-meaning people who do not realize that they may be contributing to the early demise of a grade roster.

Roster Rumor #1
It is OK to use anything I want to fill out a grade roster form.

Use a #2 pencil. In a clinch you may use a #1 or a #3 and just press softer or harder. Ink, markers, crayon, watercolors and feathers dipped in espresso cause the roster to reject scanning and to die an early death.

Roster Rumor #2
I can staple all kinds of additional information you want to read to the grade roster.

Would you be able to work if you were filled with staples? I stapled my finger once and had to take to my bed.
We actually DO NOT want to read all that additional information (but we will).

Roster Rumor #3
I can bend, fold, punch holes in and mutilate my grade roster.

The term 'mutilate' should be a clue on this one. Why do you need to punch holes in it anyway? You will only have it for a week. No one files anything that is less than a year old, do they?

Roster Rumor #4
I can add students' names and grades and write notes to you on the front of the roster.

The scanner can't read the names, doesn't know what to do about the additional bubbled in grades and reacts in frustration by spitting the whole thing out. Do not editorialize on the front of the grade roster. That is what the back is for. Keep the front pristine.

Tomorrow we continue this grading expose, revealing how even a pristine grade roster can still be in danger. Parental discretion advised.

Deborah Benjamin
Registration and Records