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Taming the M-Drive: An Update

The response to last week’s MCC Daily Tribune article on M-Drive user storage has been fantastic!  A special thank you to those faculty and staff who, following the receipt of emails indicating that they were over the recommended storage quota, have been freeing up M-Drive space.  

In response to concerns about a May 21 Quota Implementation deadline, we are pushing back the date for quota implementation to Friday, June 11 to avoid interference with final exams and final grades.

Here are answers to some of the common questions we have received in the past week relating to M-Drive storage space.

Question:  What is the “Quota” system, the storage guideline, and how do I know if I am over?
Answer:  The quota system simply provides a guideline on the allotted space for each M-Drive user.  It also provides a way for you to track how much space you are using. 

The recommended storage quota for each M-Drive User directory is 250 megabytes.  If you are currently over this amount, you have already received an email from CNS indicating you are over.  In the future, if your storage approaches the quota amount, you will receive an email alerting you that you are near the limit.

Question:  I received the email, so what does the “Quota Implementation Date” mean to me?
Answer: On the Quota Implementation Date, we will “flip the switch” that will not allow users who exceed their limit to save additional data to their M-Drive User Directory until space in their directory has been freed up or they have requested and been approved for additional space.

Question:  How can I request additional space?
Answer: Take some time to review the contents of your M-Drive User Directory and identify data that can be deleted or stored using other storage media, such as burning the data to a CD or DVD. 

Once you identify the data that needs to be stored in your M-Drive User Directory, go the M-Drive under M:\MCC\Forms\Educational Technology Services and complete the Request for Additional M-Drive Storage document.  Be sure to include the QuestionableFiles.txt.file you received with your automated email.  Forward the completed form and QuestionableFiles document to your department head or dean for review.  The completed form will then be forwarded to CNS for review; you will be contacted during this process.  If you need an updated QuestionableFiles document, please contact Rick Grakowsky (

Question:  What is a QuestionableFile?
Answer:  A QuestiontableFile is a document that, by its large size or type of document (such as multi-media, Internet, and rich media files), raises the question of how it might best be stored.

Question:  How can I check to see how much space I am using?
Answer:   Follow these steps:
·       Double-click on the My Computer icon on your desktop
·       Double-click on the M-Drive (labeled either M-Drive or Drive-M)
·       Double-click on the Users Directory
·       Double-click on the folder that is the first letter of your last name
·       Locate your folder and click on it once to highlight it
·       Right-click on your folder and choose Properties
·       A window will come up that shows the size of your User Directory

Again, ETS thanks you for your cooperation with this initiative.  

Janet Ekis
Public Affairs