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Summer Grading-What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Grade confirmation reports for summer are being mailed out today. You are probably wondering why we do this, other than our obsessive need to produce, handle, file and shred papers. (If you aren’t obsessive about papers you don’t belong in the Registrar’s Office!) Actually, we send out these reports for another, less obvious, reason—to confirm that the summer grades are correctly inputted.

The scanner can make mistakes, especially if there are stray marks on the front of the grade roster. Faculty can make mistakes entering grades on the 115 screen. There are frequently discrepancies between what is bubbled in and what is written in the grade column on the grade roster. If a roster rejects and needs to be manually entered, we may make a data entry error. In other words, lots of things can go wrong and it is worth our time to double check the grades before we put the summer sessions to rest.

In addition to being used to check grades, we use the confirmation of grades sheet as our official grade document for classes that are graded online. There is no grade roster for us to image and store. There is no paper trail at all, only the finished product. Therefore, if you graded on line we ask that you sign the confirmation of grades report (once you have checked it) and return it to R&R. We will image it with the grade rosters.

It is always refreshing when we are able to feed our own obsessive needs and meet the needs of the students as well. Please join us and shuffle your last set of papers for summer!

Deborah Benjamin
Registration and Records