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New MCC Student Tribune Introduced

The MCC Student Government, the Campus Center and ETS-Computing are pleased to introduce the new MCC Student Tribune. Beginning Monday, Feb.2, the Student Tribune ( will be the one-stop location for students to find news and links to other information about the college and its activities and offerings. In addition, the Student Tribune page will also incorporate the login to the Student Email system, which will make it easy and convenient for students to visit. The Student Tribune will replace the current email broadcast system for getting news and announcements out to the student population.

Beginning Thursday, Jan.29, a submissions request form will be available in the Organizational Forms library of Outlook. Please use this form to submit any news and/or announcements you wish to communicate to the student body at large. If your announcement is applicable to both Tribunes, you can submit to both simultaneously by marking the appropriate box on the form.

We hope you will find this to be a valuable tool in communicating with our students.

Please email any questions or concerns to

Tony Wagahoff
Campus Center