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A College First: Conference Center Named for MCC Alumnus Richard S. Warshof ’68

It was Foundation Director Richard S. Warshof’s mother who convinced him to attend Monroe Community College in the fall of 1966. At the time he had no desire to attend college in the same building his father attended high school in 40 years earlier.

Today, he credits both of his parents for inspiring him to pursue an education at MCC and making it possible for him to achieve a first in MCC history: becoming the first alumnus to have a campus facility named for him. 

Surrounded by friends and family on April 29, Warshof was guest of honor at the official dedication of the Warshof Conference Center hosted by the MCC Foundation. The center comprises Monroe A and B, the Empire Room and the second floor lobby that connects them in the Flynn Campus Center. The dedication was the result of Warshof’s generous gift to Building on Success: The Campaign for Monroe Community College.

“I have the great pleasure of being able to give back to the institution that has had such a significant impact on my life and on the Rochester community,” said Warshof. “The conference center is a great facility for the growing student body and it provides a new venue and opportunity for the business community to get a closer look at MCC.”

MCC Foundation Board Chair Len Redon opened the dedication by noting how the ceremony reflects the excellence Warshof has achieved in his family life, professional career, volunteer activities and as a philanthropist. Warshof is an active volunteer and alumni leader for the MCC Foundation.

MCC President R. Thomas Flynn commented that “from this day forward the Warshof name will be recognized by the thousands of students and community visitors who walk through the doors of this campus annually.” MCC Foundation President Brenda Babitz joined Warshof and Flynn for the dedication.

“I could not be prouder than to have our family name forever associated with Monroe Community College,” said Warshof.

Diane Shoger
MCC Foundation