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Update on Cost Savings Efforts and Requests for Reduced Work Schedules

Thank you to everyone who has notified Human Resources that they will be foregoing their vacation buy back benefit this year. Your acknowledgement and understanding of the College's current budget situation and your willingness to give up that benefit is greatly appreciated and a testament to the commitment of our faculty and staff.

As a reminder, an area of cost savings that was identified in one of the last Town Hall meetings was a reduced work schedule. That was shared in a Trib notice about a week ago:

  • Requests for Reduced Work Schedules or Work Years, Job Shares, and Unpaid Leaves of Absence. Each of us have our own obligations outside of work and have differing abilities to achieve the ideal work-life balance. The College's financial constraints provide an opportunity for individuals who may have considered requesting a flexible work schedule, such as working one less day per week or working a 10 or 11-month schedule rather than a 12-month schedule, to do so. While every request may not be granted, because of the College's business continuity obligations, every request will be seriously considered and evaluated thoroughly before a final decision is made. If you have been thinking of requesting an adjustment to your work schedule, please discuss your ideas with your supervisor and submit your request to Human Resources. We will work with your supervisor and your divisional vice president to determine whether your request can be granted, either in its entirety or with some modification. If it is simply not possible to grant your request, we will notify you of that as well. Please submit all such requests to Human Resources by July 6, 2020. Unlike the extension of deadlines, this opportunity is not limited to Faculty Association members only; any College employee may submit such a request.

Several employees have submitted such requests and I know people are anxious to receive a response to those requests. Please know that we are considering all requests and reviewing them to ensure that the important work of the College can be completed if such requests are granted.

Due to the long holiday weekend and the need to thoroughly evaluate these requests, responses to any request submitted will not be available until the week of July 13th. Requests may still be submitted until July 6th.


Fingar, Melissa
Human Resources